APRIL & MAY 2018


There is nothing like the feeling you get when you create your own perfect wire wrap or complete a knotted item all by yourself. And how about when your friends admire your jewelry and you can see the twinkle in their eyes when you tell them you made it yourself?

At Beads of Marin we believe the best way to get to that feeling is by learning the techniques used in the process of creating your own jewelry.

Our introductory classes focus on these techniques, providing you with the skills to create most of your basic jewelry. We also offer continuing classes where more advanced techniques are taught and we also offer project-specific classes either through scheduled time or by request.

This January we are introducing a new class for those with basic technique experience but in need of refreshers on techniques used in jewelry repair. Please call us with additional information on this class.

Our classes are taught by our own staff, providing the personal and continuing support you have always appreciated from us long after your class is over. We also provide you with materials needed for most of our beginning classes, allowing you to focus on your technique without worrying about your supplies and of course, we do not charge for use of our tools.

Keeping the kids in mind and responding to the numerous requests to hold children classes, we are able to accommodate children’s classes upon request. Please contact us directly for information about this option.

This winter, Beads of Marin is delighted to bring back classes taught in Spanish. In addition to our basic program, Maria will be adding additional techniques to her teaching schedule. These classes are not on the schedule, but we can create a date based on requests.

If you are not sure which class you should take, or are interested in something that you are not seeing here, please feel free to speak with us and we will help you to the best of our ability. We have had great success working with people in creating classes to reflect their needs and wishes, and of course, schedule.

In the following pages you can find the description of our various classes followed by the calendar. All classes are a single, two hours session (except private classes), and are on going. For private class information, please contact us directly.



Learn the basic techniques of bead stringing and jewelry making. Our experienced instructors will teach you how to string and select the proper stringing material for your jewelry creations, how to crimp and use a crimp cover, and how to knot. You will create and keep two bracelets--one knotted and the other crimped. We supply all the material so you can focus on your technique and not worry about creating a masterpiece.

Fee: $45 including materials
Time: Check schedule below


Aprenda las tecnicas basicas para empezar a trabajar haciendo joyeria. Nuestros instructores experimentados le ensenaran como ensartar y elegir el material apropiado para sus creaciones de joyeria. Como cerrar y usar la cubierta, y como haer nudos entre cuentas. Usted podra crear dos brazaletes uno con nudos y otro regular. Proveemos todo el material necesario asi se enfocara solo en las tecnicas y no preocuparse de nada mas.

Precio $45 incluyendo materiales
Horario Check schedule below


Now that you have mastered your basic skills, go to the next level. In this class you will learn how to work with multiple strands including varied and same length, working with cones and twisting layers. We will also cover spacers, space bars, safety chains and adding a focal bead. You can bring your own supplies and works in progress, or purchase new supplies here and can apply your student discount toward your purchase.

Prerequisite:  Basic Beading Class or comparable experience
Fee:$45 plus cost of material. Cost of material depends on your selection.


This class will focus on the basic technique used in wire wrapping. You will learn how to create a simple loop and a wire wrapped loop. In this class you will create a pair of earrings using the basic loop technique and a pair of earring with the wire wrapped loop and constructed of several links.

Fee: $45 including material
Time: Check schedule below


Esta clase se enfoca en las tecnicas basicas para empezar a trabajar con alambre. Aprendera como hacer un simple aro y tambien uno con alambre enrrollado alrededor. En esta clase podra crear un par de aretes usando el cerrado basico y un segundo par de aretes con el alambre cerrado alrededor y a partir de esto podra crear cadena de cuentas que pueden ser collares o brazaletes.

Precio $45 incluyendo materiales
Horario Check schedule below


In this class you will learn how to freeform wire wrap stones, shells, crystals or anything you wish to embellish your jewelry and that needs to be wrapped in the process. We have a variety of stones for you to chose from, or bring your own items.

Prerequisite: Basic Wire Wrapping experience
Fee:$45 plus cost of material. Cost of material depends on your selection.
 Student Discount will apply toward your purchases for this class.
Time:Check schedule below


Learn how to construct some of the most popular earring designs you see in today’s fashion magazines. This class will provide you with the skills necessary to construct not only the designs you see displayed, but also to come up with your own combinations and ideas. You will learn how to work with and combine chains, drops, and wire. Class will cover at least three basic design techniques.

Prerequisite: Basic wire wrapping techniques
Fee:$45 plus cost of material. Cost of material depends on your selection.
 Student Discount will apply toward your purchases for this class.
Time:Check schedule below


This most popular technique can be easily applied to bracelets or necklaces. Learn how to wrap beads between two pieces of leather along with the finishing techniques of attaching a closure.

Fee: $45 Including materials
Time: Check schedule below


Take your ladder bracelet design to the next level with multiple strands and chains.

Leather Ladder class or experience creating basic bracelet

Fee:$45 plus cost of material. Cost of material depends on your selection.
 Student Discount will apply toward your purchases for this class.
Time:Check schedule below


Though called Viking knitting, this ancient technique of creating chains is closer to weaving than what we usually think of when we do of knitting. In this class you will learn the weave and to attach findings to create a completed bracelet.

Fee:$45 plus cost of material. Depending on your selection.
 Student Discount will apply toward your purchases for this class.
Time:Check schedule below


Call us for information on our offering for children ages 10 -13.


Beads of Marin Staff


$45 including material


Scheduled per children’s availability.


Since we keep our classes small, we request you register in advance to secure your spot in the class. We require a credit card number at time of registration, but will not charge you until the day of the class, or per our cancellation policy. Minimum age for participation is 17, but we do offer children classes. Children classes are scheduled by the instructor, please call the store for additional information.

CANCELLATION POLICY: We require a 48-hour advance notice for cancellation; otherwise you will be charged $45.00 for the class. Cancellations must be received by the end of the business day. (after hours voice messages do not count).

DISCOUNT: Students receive a 15% discount (excluding tools which are discounted at 10%) to shop in our store the week following classes. Discounts do not apply to books or other already discounted items, and cannot be combined with other offers. Ask your instructor for exact detail and don’t forget your coupon.